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WHY ARE THEY CALLED THE BIG FIVE: Lion, Giraffe, Buffalo, Elephant & Leopard

No safari is complete without seeing them. The big five did not come about because of size, otherwise giraffes and hippos could be among the big animals as they are bigger than lion and leopard.
Hunting was the main reason people from overseas came to the Africa Long before the National parks were established. This started in the 1800’s. This hunting took place a long time before conservation was even thought of, and there were no laws regarding hunting animals back then.

The hunters would target all sorts of animals and after a while a pattern had developed, as hunters were often getting killed by 5 animals in particular, these 5 animals were considered the most dangerous Game to hunt and also the most prized animals to use as trophies. The word then spread about the Big Five, and this name stuck in peoples minds and later became a great tourist attraction for foreigners to come and see the wild untamed Big Five. A lot of people ask why these animals were chosen, as mentioned above they were extremely dangerous to pursue on foot and many hunters lost their lives while trying to get that prestigious trophy.


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